About OneMideast.org

OneMideast.org is an online discussion arena intended for raising and debating ideas central to the Arab-Israeli peace process.

The project, which represents the first joint Syrian-Israeli online discussion of its kind, was formed through the efforts of private individuals -- bloggers, academics, political analysts, journalists, and professionals -- who embarked on producing an extensive list of objections to peace commonly encountered in both Syrian and Israeli societies.

Through an anonymous online voting process, the group elected the "Top 20 List" of objections to peace (one from each side) as the most important ones to argue, and produced the most effective counter-argument to each objection.

The OneMideast.org online community uses the latest technologies in online dialogue and social networking. The participants representing the Arab side are private individuals with Lebanese or Syrian national origin and are full citizens of the USA, Canada, and other Western countries. These participants are volunteers whose contributions represent their own personal opinions and are not official opinions in any shape or form.

No representatives of either government participated in this project either directly or indirectly. This project and its participants have not consulted with or received guidance, approval, or collaboration from any government or government representatives.

The OneMideast.org communication process took place entirely online. No physical meetings occurred between any individuals on either side of the project.

The results of the project are available for download (text and podcast) on the OneMideast.org website. During its next phase, OneMideast.org will invite experts and opinion leaders to discuss the challenges associated with the Syrian-Israeli peace process, and to submit constructive feedback for publication on the site.

OneMideast.org is an entirely self-funded project with voluntary contributions from its participants. No financing or means of support have been received, or will be accepted, from any government, NGO's, public, or private organizations.