No peace can be made until Israel ends its occupation of Palestine

The Israelis have always sought to divide the Arab world, and to separate tracks while never intending to leave the Palestinian Territories. Syria should not fall for this trap, as Egypt and Jordan have in the past. Israel must first prove it is ready to end its Occupation of ALL Arab land, not only the Golan Heights.

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Israeli counter-arguments to above objection


Real peace indeed may not occur as long as Israel continues its occupation of the Palestinian territories. But the question is whether a peace agreement must mean Real Peace. Israel has peace agreements both with Egypt and Jordan. But do Egyptians and Jordanians think well of Israelis?

If Israel is ready to withdraw from the Golan, should Syria NOT agree, until Israel pulled out every last Jew and soldier from the West Bank? Sharon has already forced all Jews out of Gaza, and was going to continue with the West Bank. But today the situation is very complex, and it is not clear that a Comprehensive Solution is feasible in the near-future.

Until that happens, Syria must enable any Israeli government to withdraw from the Golan, in return for a peace agreement.

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