Onenever knows what new obstacles will appear in Israel that will sabotage an agreement at the last minute

Even if we hope to reach an agreement with the current far right governing coalition in Israel, we can still face newer obstacles which will be near impossible to overcome … Who knows if the Israeli negotiators suddenly informed us that they now have a new requirement where at least two thirds of all the members of the Knesset must approve the proposed peace agreement.

And if that goes through, next, a national referendum might be required to approve the agreement.

Syria believes that the return of its occupied Golan Heights is subject to international law and to specific UNSC resolutions 242 and 338, as well as resolution 497 which states that Israel’s decision to annex the Golan Heights is null and void. It is simply illegal for any country to ask its elected representatives to decide if that country will respect international law or not.

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Israeli counter-arguments to above objection


There are no guarantees for anything in life, not in Israel and not in Syria. But Peace Talks, like Peace, are about taking a chance. If we don’t do it, we’ll certainly not achieve peace.

As for the 2/3 vote in Knesset, or the national referendum, these are internal Israeli issues which are not Syria’s problem. Israel knows how to ratify laws and amendments, and its leader will know how to present a potential peace agreement. Begin did it, and got the majority he needed. Netanyahu can do the same.

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    syrian admin 1 wrote:

    And as suggested few months ago in this Syrian objection #16, it seems Israel is indeed moving ahead with efforts to establish additional difficult requirement of getting a special 2/3 majority in the Knesset and/or conducting a national referendum before an Israeli government can sign an agreement with Syria that includes the full return of the Golan Heights.


    Israel MPs push vote on Golan, east Jerusalem pullout

    Created 14/07/2010 – 12:03

    An Israeli parliamentary committee voted Wednesday in favour of a bill requiring a referendum prior to any possible withdrawal from east Jerusalem or the Golan Heights, a committee spokesman said.

    “The draft law on the referendum was approved Wednesday by five votes against two,” he told AFP.

    The bill had passed a first reading in parliament in 2008 and now has committee approval to go for the two more readings needed before it can become law.

    It aims to make it more difficult for the government to cede territory, saying that a public referendum or a special majority of two thirds of MPs, would be necessary before withdrawal from land under Israeli sovereignty.

    This refers to east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, both of which Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War and later annexed in moves not recognized by the international community.

    Syria has demanded the complete return of the Golan Heights as a condition for peace with Israel, while the Palestinians view east Jerusalem as the capital of their promised state.

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