There is an imbalance between Israel and Syria’s regional power and global support

The Israeli regional power, mainly in military and economic sense, is not matched by the Syrian one. Meanwhile, the total support by dominant world powers to Israel is also biased toward Israel. Thus, at the moment at least, it appears that peace negotiations with Israel will put Syria more in the position of a surrendering party than that of an equal participant.

The imbalance in the power scale towards Israel is waning down in all aspects since the collapse of the cold war to its latest military defeat by Hizbulla in 2006. Syria may think that it is more to its advantage to play on the time factor, until its own power and those of its allies are increased, both militarily and economically (Iran’s rising power, EU relations with Syria, changes in US government, etc).

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Israeli counter-arguments to above objection


While it is true that Syria seems to have balanced back to a stronger position, especially with the alliances it has nurtured with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and lately Turkey, playing on the “time factor” is also risking a lot. With growing fear there is also increased pressure. Our regional situation is far from stable, and too many factors can contribute to fast and dangerous deterioration. One cannot preclude war as a possibility.

Syria has achieved enough strength, and enough strategic alliances, to respectfully sit across Israel at the negotiation table.


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