Signing peace with Israel will turn Syria into a U.S./Israeli puppet

What will separate Syria from Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf states if it signs a peace deal with Israel?

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Israeli counter-arguments to above objection


The concern expressed in this objection is mostly something Syrians will have to answer by and for themselves. What does it mean to be a “puppet”? Syria is a sovereign country and it shall decide about its future directions whether or not it signs a peace treaty with Israel. It seems like the biggest concern is that Syria will not be able to side with the Palestinians if it becomes an ally of Israel and the US, or that it would have to ditch its alliance with Iran and the Hizballah.

Israel certainly expects that Syria will cease arming groups such as Hamas and Hizballah as part of a peace agreement, yet perhaps a path of compromise is possible that will result in a win-win situation for both Israel and Syria, which does not require ditching existing alliances. Under such a compromise Syria will not lose its old friends, but will act as a bridge, or a moderating force, to bring all these past-enemies into the fold of a political conflict-resolution process. For example, under one possible peace agreement scenario, Syria will cease arming Hizballah and would instead help it integrate more fully into the political system in Lebanon as a political party. Syria will also help in the formation of a Palestinian unity government and will use its influence over the Hamas movement, to steer it in the direction of resolving the conflict with Israel under the two-state formula.

Provisions in the implementation of the Israel-Syria peace agreement could be made to ensure that the implementation of Israeli retreat from the Golan heights, as well as normalization of relations, are all dependent on the progress across all fronts: moderating of Hamas and Hizballah, and progress of Israeli-Palestinian peace. This will ensure that all sides are happy with the peace treaty and nobody is made a puppet of the other side.



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    tom jensen wrote:

    You are already a puppet! to Iran, which is on a steady downfall within it’s own people!

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    syrian admin 1 wrote:

    Israelis claim that

    1) Iran is actively seeking the annihilation of Israel
    2) Syria is Iran’s puppet

    If this is the case, why is Iran never objecting to Syria’s frequent attempts to convince Israel to sign a peace treaty with Syria that guarantees Israel’s security within the pre1967 borders?

    Iran and Syria have serious differences. In Iraq Syria supports all the parties, including the Sunnis. Iran backs Shia parties mostly. Syria wants a well balanced secular government in Iraq that maintains the country’s Arab character. Iran would like Iraq that is largely, but indirectly, under its own influence.

    Similar difference exist between Syria and Iran over Lebanon.

    Syria has never been Iran’s puppet. No Syrian leader can rule his country if he is anyone’s puppet.

    When Syria was a Soviet ally during the cold war, President Hafez Assad was free to meet and seek friendly relations with Presidents Nixon and Carter. The Soviets were Syria’s sole supplier of Syria’s army, but that did not limit Syria’s freedom to seek its own interests and its own allies.

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