Peace with Syria will not solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Only peace with the Palestinians will solve the deep Arab-Israeli conflict. There is no rush, nor particular benefit, in engaging the Syrians before the Palestinian issue is resolved.

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Syrian counter-arguments to above objection


This argument is the first part of a useful pair of arguments. Here is the second part:

"Peace with the Palestinians is very difficult. The Syrian track is much more promising. Peace with Syria should come first"

Since the peace process between Israel and its Syrian and Palestinian neighbors started in 1991, Israel's leaders have adopted the two arguments in a predictable alternating sequence.

Every time negotiations along a specific track (Syrian or Palestinian) reached a near agreement, Israel dropped that particular track and started to rediscover the virtues of adopting the opposite track.

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Syria agrees that only a comprehensive and just peace settlement will solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is a mistake to think that peace with Syria will be a substitute to peace with the Palestinians.

Having said that, peace with Syria, coupled with serious negotiations with the Palestinians will lead to a considerable reduction in tentions and violence in the region.

If a peaceful settlement is reached between Syria and Israel, Syria's unique relations with Hamas can help Syria to act as an effective mediator between Israel and Hamas and other hardline Palestinian factions.

Peace with Syria is not sufficient, but it is necessary.

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    Mesopotamian Arab, student, University wrote:

    In my opinion i think the biggest issue that faces peace deals in the Middle East is the Palestinian refugees issue. If we can find a just solution to this problem all other issues can be solved.

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