Syria continues to interfere in Lebanon

Syria has always interfered in the affairs of the sovereign state of Lebanon. It has occupied Lebanon for decades, and has advanced its own financial and political interests as occupier. Syria uses Lebanon, to this day, as a proxy in its ongoing battle with Israel. It has always interfered in the political makeup of Lebanon, often at the highest levels, and has the ability to bring about instability at any moment. Not to mention Syria’s alleged role in the assassination of Rafik al Hariri.

How can Israel trust such a “partner”?

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Syrian counter-arguments to above objection


A recent poll conducted by “information International SAL” and published in the Lebanese daily Assafir indicated that 73% of the Lebanese people see Syria as a friend of Lebanon (up from 47% in 2007). Only Qatar was ahead of Syria at 86% approval.

In comparison, 93% said Israel is their enemy.

Persistent allegations that Syria was behind the assassination for Lebanon’s late prime minister Rafiq Hariri turned out to be unfounded. After four years of intense international investigations, there was no evidence that Syria ordered, organized, or facilitated the assassination. All four Lebanese generals (friends of Syria) who were detained for four years for being potential suspects were released this year.

It would be not consistent with western values to make accusations that can not be backed up. Presumption of innocence is not an optional legal right. During the Bush administration many attempts were made to fabricate stories against all Middle Eastern countries that the administration wanted to weaken (or invade). Accusing Syria of killing Hariri was one of them.

This year Syria established a Syrian embassy in Lebanon. An embassy that has very limited use, given the fact that Damascus is an hour or two away from Beirut, but it was simply a move that was meant to demonstrate that Syria recognizes the sovereignty of Lebanon.

Despite many mistakes and corruption by Syrian officers in Lebanon (every army fighting in a foreign country makes mistakes, not only the Syrian army in Lebanon), the big picture was that Syria was invited by the Lebanese government and the Arab league (with US/European approval) to stop Lebanon’s civil war. Syria lost 13,000 soldiers until that war was ended and Lebanon was stable enough for late Prime minister Hariri to spend the 90’s rebuilding the country.

Despite any economic benefits that Syria gained from its military presence in Lebanon, estimated cost of maintaining security for Lebanon was huge … Syria saved Lebanon billions per year when Syria handled the army and even police functions for decades when Lebanon could not. The United States’ presence in Iraq will end up costing the US over a trillion dollars for comparison. At least Syria succeeded in ending the Lebanese civil war. Syria was not there for economic benefits.

A look at the map will make it clear why Syria can not ignore what is happening in Lebanon, especially if other countries as far as the United States, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt insist on interfering in Lebanon.

Geographically, Lebanon is practically inside Syria …. historically, Lebanon was always Syria, socially, Lebanon and Syria are twins. The word “interfere” does not apply in the case of Syria’s relations with Lebanon.

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